The right alternative for snapchat users

Snapchat has gained immense popularity over the past few years; and has completely changed the way of sharing pictures and videos with friends. Initially, it had even become one of the leading photo sharing apps in the world. The only drawback with snapchat is its auto-destructive feature, which a lot of users don’t like. In case you like snapchat but are not happy with its auto-destructive feature, then there are a lot of other apps like snapchat for android that are great and solve the same purpose.

Alternatives to the snapchat

Snapchat has a shortcoming and if you are not happy with that, then you can switch to other apps like snapchat that are perfect for Android.

  • Slingshot- It is a rich in features app which is just the perfect alternative to snapchat. Through this app one can send messages, share videos and images with their friends; you can even respond to a message through an image or video or even by taking a picture. This app is quite simple to use and you do not have to be a pro to use slingshot.
  • Wickr- It is another alternative to Wickr and is known to be a great alternative because it is encrypted. Though in this app also the messages as well as images and videos get deleted after a point of time. Security wise it is safe and there is end to end encryption. You can even edit the images and also add filters before sending them.
  • Cyberdust- This is another snapchat alternative, in this the messages can be deleted within minutes. It is perfect for maintaining privacy and the user interface is also not quite tough. In this app you can edit images by just adding filters and even texts. This app is beautiful as well as it is securely encrypted.
  • ClipChat- You can stay in touch with all your loved ones through Clipchat. One can send messages, photos as well as videos. The ClipChat application also lets one create chat groups and there is a secret chat option also where sms can be erased after a point of time.

Snapchat is the one ruling the instant messaging world but if you are bored of using this app, and want some change then these alternative apps like snapchat for android are just perfect and can be easily downloaded from the playstore.