Benefits and Drawbacks of MRE Meals

MRE meals contain different menu items. People are attracting to these meals because of the light weight, portability, variety of foods, and variety of tastes and their life time. XMRE meals sell different items which are healthy and long lasting. On the other side MRE has some disadvantages. MRE meals were mainly introduced for military purposes, but at the time of natural disasters they are provided to victims.

Benefits of MRE Meals

  • Ready to eat: The name itself indicating that, they are ready to eat meals. There is no need to re cooking. If anyone want to heat, with the flameless heater provided one can heat and eat the food.
  • Life time: The foods that are packed are dehydrated and frozen. They almost last for not only months, for years also. If they were properly prepared and packed like XMRE meals packages they will last for a long time. There is no need to refrigerate MRE’s
  • Weight and Portability: MRE’s are relatively light weight than other canned items. The MRE’s are very popular because of their less weight. They are easy to carry from one place to other place by keeping in our bags.
  • Different food items with different flavors: MRE’s contains different food varieties like chicken, beef, pork, potatoes, bread, chocolates, crackers and other Beverages.
  • Calories: these are good source of calories, where each packet contains nearly 1200 calories to give energy to body.
  • Military purpose: Mainly the MRE’s were first introduced to serve military purposes. It is not possible for soldiers to cook at the field kitchens at the time of wars. To overcome the food shortage, no time to cook every time and carrying heavy food items, MRE’s carried along with the soldiers. Before packing the soldier’s wish list will be collected and according to the military recommendations the food is prepared, packed and transported to the fields.
  • Packing: Each category of items are packed individually in plastic pouches and all these were packed into another plastic pouch, which waterproof and the food is not affected by outside insects and environment.

Drawbacks MRE Meals

  • Limited nutrients: MRE’s do provide some basic vitamins and minerals only. But to proper functioning in the body one can need minimum amounts of nutrients, but MRE’s lack in that. Because they are dehydrated and frozen sufficient water levels are not maintained in the foods.
  • Food damage: If there is any mistakes in preparation and packing the food will get damaged. And the bacteria that grow on the food will leads to more health issues.
  • Taste: Because these foods are processed, dehydrated and frozen, they do not give the taste of originally fresh prepared food. 
  • Cost: MRE’s are quite expensive when compared to others. It requires additional cost and time to prepare food that should last for a long time.